We're Interested in Fishing off Roatan Island...

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Sorry, No Tours Available on Saturdays
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Bodden Tours "Roatan Fishing Experince"

Base Transportation: $35 per person for 2 / $25 per person for 3 / $20 per person for 4 or more

2-hour minimum: Includes all tackle, bait & gear.

Children under age 5 are no charge for the tour.

We're Intrested in the Following...

2-hour minimum: Includes all tackle, bait & gear.

PayPal Deposit Required: 1-Hour of Fishing Fee

100% refundable in the event you ship does not dock,
or by cancelling via email up to 3-Days before your Port Arrival.
Cancellations within 3 Days of Port Arrival are Non-Refundable.

Small Boat (6-person maximum) Please add $80 per hour

Large Boat (10-persaon maximum, on-board head) Please add $110 per hour