We're interested in Offshore Snorkling at Blue Channel...

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Bodden Tours Offshore Snorkel Excursion

$55 per person for 2 / $45 per person for 3 / $40 per person for 4 or more

Includes one-hour offshore at Blue Channel, and additional time in West End Village for lunch/drinks//shopping, if requested.

All transportation is included. Snorkel equipment is not provided: bring your own or rental avaialable on the boat for $5 per set-up.

If you would like an island tour and/or additional activities, plesae fill out the "Best of Roatan" tour request.

We're Intrested in the Following...

1 hour: Snorkle trip to Blue Channel by Boat. Please add $20 per guest + $5 per snorkel set-up, if needed.

Please add $5 per set-up.

Self Paced: Free beach access, snorkeling, restaurants/bars, gift shops, dive shops, etc. No added fee..