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About Us...

Victor Bodden, the founder of Bodden Tours, was born and raised in Roatan, Honduras. Being a native of Roatan places his tour experience above the tours offered by the cruise ships and others...he knows more about Roatan and is anxious to share it with visitors.

Throughout your tour, Victor's tourguides will offer insight on growing up on the island. They will be able to answer almost any question about Roatan living, the animals and plant life, or the history of the Island. The Bodden Tours guides know the best places for photography, snorkeling, a quiet beach, shopping...and, yes, even the best location for Coconut Shrimp or Lobster!

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Some of the Bodden Tours drivers...
Let us show you our Roatan.

Victor and his guides speak fluent English, and your guide will always be near if you need a translator for a local merchant. You will be surprised how fast our guides become part of the family. Their easy-going, gentile nature will make your guide a fast friend.

A tourist will quickly experience the depth of love that Victor and his employees have for family and country. You will see parts of Roatan that are not on a typical cruise ship excursion. Victor stresses that the "real" Roatan is not only the beaches & resorts...but, the people and children and the history.

Always happy to share his family with his "new friends", your tour may take you by Victor Bodden's home if you'd like, allowing a special glimpse into his Roatan living. He is very proud of his home, his loving wife and beautiful daughters. You will be able to visit his wife's shop featuring local handmade goods and products (including Vanilla!), or you can visit Victor's new Monkey Ranch...which was started for the 2007 cruiseship season!

As the owner of Bodden Tours, Victor offers tours that leave his customers anxious to return. He hopes that each person that he shares Roatan with, will feel the same appreciation and respect that Victor and his staff have for their country.

A warm hug or friendly handshake at the conclusion of the day lets Victor know that he, again, has successfully done his job.

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Victor with his wife, Janeth.
Daughters (L to R): Shelsie, Angelina, Mallory and Bianca, and cousin, Erbin (2007)

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Victor's Daughter, Angelina, Ready to Zipline like "daddy" at the Mayan Canopy Zipline at 18 months!

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Victor and Angie Prepare to Tandem Zip

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Angie Laughs Her Way Through the Trees...REALLY!




Roatan Information...

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Map of Roatan from www.roatanet.com

Quick Facts about Roatan...

  • Roatan is the largest of the Honduras Bay Island
  • Roatan Island is 36 Miles long...and only 4 miles wide at the widest point
  • Located about 40 miles off of the Northeast coast of mainland Honduras
  • Population: 60,000
  • Island's Highest Point: 800 feet above sea level

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  • The second largest Barrier Reef System in the world is just offshore
  • Christopher Columbus discovered Roatan in 1502
  • Electricity costs are 30% more than those in Miami
  • Residents of Roatan often have deer as pets
  • Roatan is home to over 40 Reptile species, including several endangered turtles (Hawksbill, for one)

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Victor shares his home with yet another group of friends.

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Victor's Family and Friends

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Cell: (504) 9910-52-17 . or . Home: (504) 445-41-51
From the US, Please Dial 011 First
Check with your Long Distance Carrier First for International Rates to Roatan!

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