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Roatan's Family-Fun Mayan Jungle Canopy...

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Safety, Excitement, Fun...

  • Only $45 per person, in addition to your Bodden Tours Best of Roatan private tour fee, or you may choose to visit as part of our Zip-n-Dip Group Excursion with others from your ship (Zipline/Monkeys/Beach for $65 per person)

  • You can also come by taxi or your own transportation and pay $45 per person upon arrival (sample taxi rates from the cruise ship docks are shown here.)

  • The excitement of the Mayan Jungle Canopy begins before your first zip...as you ascend Temple-like steps to the first platform. From there, it's all downhill...literally! So, be ready for lots of fun and excitement and experience the thrills of the Mayan Jungle Canopy ziplines.

  • The Mayan Jungle Canopy features 12 zips (including a 509-foot zipline across a scenic valley) and 2 suspension bridges.

  • Our zipline lengths range from 90 to 2000-feet, the height ranges from 15 to 300-feet!

  • This zipline features the latest in safety equipment including a dual-pulley/dual-cable system (3/8" diameter galvanized aircraft cable) and brand new Petzl safety harnesses, helmets, carabiners and pulleys. Petzl is the leading supplier of zipline safety equipment throughout the world.

  • You will zip from tree platform to tree platform through tall jungle trees, across meadows and from hillside to hillside. The tree platforms are sturdy, measuring at least 10-feet by 9-feet -- offering plenty of room to prepare yourself for the next exciting zip!

  • This zipline will not require riders to self-brake themselves to control their speed as others on Roatan do, and highly-trained guides will accompany each individual group down the course. (Some ziplines merely pass a group of zippers from guide-to-guide located at each station, at the Mayan one guide will go with your group the whole way down the course.)

  • Larger groups will stay together, unlike other Roatan ziplines, so they will be able to experience the thrill together. Additional guides will be assigned to larger groups to maintain the high safety standards.

  • Includes free unlimited access to Victor's Monkey Business, a unique primate interaction.

Photos from the Mayan Jungle Canopy Zipline...

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Conquering the Rope Bridge

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Stairs to the first zip on the Mayan Jungle Canopy

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Walkway to the Mayan Jungle Canopy

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The Mayan Jungle Canopy is a Dual Cable/Dual Pulley Zipline, for extra safety




Victor Bodden's Monkey Business...

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White-Faced Capuchin Monkeys at Victor's House...

Right Next Door to the Mayan Jungle Canopy Zipline...
  • Only $5 per person as an add-on to your Bodden Tours Best of Roatan Private Tour fee, or $10 per person for all non-Bodden Tours guests.

  • Named one of the Top Ten Places to Monkey Around by TripAdvisor.com!

  • FREE admission if you're going on the Mayan Jungle Canopy, or part of our Bodden Tours Zip-n-Dip Group Excursion or Fun-n-Sun Group Tour.

  • Before or After your zipline experience...or for your family and friends that don't want to tackle the Mayan Jungle Canopy.

  • Hold and interact with White-Faced Capuchin Monkeys, Sloths and Black Spider Monkeys. See parrots, katamundi, island rabbits, pet deer, howler monkeys, night monkeys, raccoons, scarlet macaws, toucans, and more.

  • Take as many photos as you like, spend as much time as you like!

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Visit the Sloths at Victor's Monkey Business

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Gift Shop at Victor's Monkey Business

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Many local crafts and souvenirs

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Woodcrafts, T-Shirts, Jewelry, etc.

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The Richards Family, Roland and the Monkeys!

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Jan and Koki at Victor's

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Carol gives the Monkey a Treat at Victor's

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Stephanie and the Monkey

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Blake loved the Monkeys (or, was it the other way around?!) at Victor's

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Tour Group taking photos with the monkeys

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Christine Nowak's son from Milwaukee really took great photos of Victor's monkeys!



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